Mary Dempsey  is Inspirational   Speaker, Author &  Social Confidence Mentor  . Mary founded the company Seriously Positive after overcoming  social anxiety  and a major crisis in her life,  that she had suffered from for 30 years. Mary experienced a very powerful life changing  transformational experience , that felt like a miracle.

Mary was once described by a teacher as being dopey, timid, shy, anxious . Mary is now consistently referred to as  being a driving force for good ,highly confident, focused, inspiring, motivational, unstoppable,   resilient, witty, amusing and aseriously positive  attitude with a passion to bring out the confidence in women!

Mary Dempsey believes strongly that it is her call in life to Empower, Encourage & Equip individuals  to experience their own  breakthrough with  social confidence.

Seriously Positive has been providing , Inspirational  speaking, social confidence  coaching – mentoring  and workshops for over 10 years ,including speaking in Europe and various organization in London . Seriously Positive now provides  three  services,  social confidence  coaching &  delivers  transformational “Attract What  You Deserve “Workshops.

Seriously Positive is passionate about giving value to clients and delegates , all tools and techniques that are used within all mentoring and teaching have all been successfully tested for their amazing results.