Mary Dempsey  is  an Inspirational   Speaker, Author &  Empowerment  Coach 4 Women .

Mary founded the company Seriously Positive after overcoming  social anxiety  and a major crisis in her life,  that she had suffered from for 30 years. Mary experienced a very powerful life changing  transformational experience , that felt like a miracle.

Mary was once described by a teacher as being dopey, timid, shy, anxious . Mary is now consistently referred to as  being a driving force for good ,highly confident, focused, inspiring, motivational, unstoppable,   resilient, witty, amusing and a seriously positive  attitude with a passion to bring out the confidence in women!

Mary  believes strongly that it is her call in life ,to empower women  to  believe in themselves  so their confidence is unleashed.

Seriously Positive has been providing , Inspirational  speaking, self belief coaching,   and workshops for over 10 years .